Beauty of Drinking wine in Würzburg

It is important which wine you drink but the beauty of drinking wine lies with whom and where you drink it.
While walking through the old bridge of Würzburg located at the end of the Alte Mainbrucke, don’t forget to sip your wine and enjoy the beautiful view of the city and the Main River. You can order the
variety of local wines for which the city of Wurzburg is famous for. Once you have enjoyed your wine don’t forget to return the wine glasses to get your deposit back.
Würzburg is a city in Germany’s Bavaria region, famous for 18th-century palaces of baroque architecture and Franconian wine yards.
People from all over the world enjoying a glass of wine on a historic bridge, what could be better. On New Year’s Eve, partygoers congregate here just before midnight to drink and watch the spectacular fireworks.
Sip your wine on the beautiful old bridge and enjoy a splendid view of the Festung and the sunset. A great experience for anyone. One orders their wine from a small window counter and pays a deposit for the glass which they get back after returning the glass. Our favourite is the Sylvaner, which is a locally produced white wine. The prices are reasonable and the ambience is something really special.
Perfect location on the old bridge with the spectacular view to the Marienberg. The bridge is sometimes really crowded out, so it a better idea to go a few steps to the Main river. On the end of the steps you have also a possibility to buy a glass of wine. Enjoy!

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