Beer wall of Bruges Belgium

Can you guess what is the largest collection of beers that a beer bar can hold at it’s stock ?
The Beer wall of Bruges has a selection of 1905 types of beers, all brewed in Belgium. As you approach the counter there is a massive wall containing displays of all the varieties of beer, each with its own type of glass. During sunny days in Bruges be sure to only explore the beautiful canals of Bruges once you’ve had a glass of cold beer from the Beer Wall !
The beer wall has shops, a bar and a canal side beer garden which is a great place to relax and enjoy a Belgian beer while soaking in the beautiful surroundings. The views outside are very picturesque. The bathrooms are cool too – check out the fish tank sinks! Be forewarned the beer bar is cash only.
Great little spot to stop for some tasty beers! They have a great selection of in house beers to sample or have a full pour!
If you like beer it is definitely a place to go.

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